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VWL-12 / VWL-24 Voltage warning light  (video)

Get warned of any problems with your alternator or generator immediately.
Take action before your equipment fails before your have drained your battery. Ideally for all single engine piston aircraft, a must for single engine IFR!
More and more advanced avionics find their way to the cockpit of single engine aircraft. It is important that a power generation system is not overloaded. When the system is overload the battery will supply a part of the power demand,draining the battery. When undected your avionics will behave strange or even switch off due to low voltage after a while.
Most aircraft are equipped with a high and/or low voltage warning light, which doesn’t measure the bus voltage.
On some aircraft the low voltage warning light is even marked as high voltage! The not so logic reason behind this is, that an
overvoltage will trigger the overvoltage protection, which switches of the alternator field controller (regulator), leading to
low voltage! On these aircraft the warning light is actually an “field switched off” light instead of a low OR high voltage
warning light. You will be unable to detect a partial failure without measuring voltage.
The UK CAA addresses this problem in CAP747 GR6. CAP747 GR6 requires such an improved warning light for all UK
registered single engine aircraft (except aircraft which are equipped to operate under VMC/VFR only).
The JP Avionics VWL is designed to meet all requirements of CS-23, CS-VLA, UK CAA CAP 747 GR6 and UK CAA CAP 562
leaflet 11-10. Therefore it is a true voltage warning light. It is able to detect both low voltage and high voltage, a must for
all pilots who want to fly safely without getting in trouble due to an undiscovered alternator problem. It’s a must for those
who wish to fly during night or under IMC/IFR conditions.
The voltage warning light is available for both 12-14 volt aircraft and 24-28 volt aircraft, with FREE EASA approval for
aircraft listed in our Approved Model List.
Currently the voltage warning light has been approved by EASA for nearly 800 aircraft types. This means this voltage
warning light can be installed by a qualified personal without having to arrange, wait and pay for the EASA approval for
your aircraft. Please feel free to contact us if your aircraft isn’t listed.
Download: Installation manual
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